3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Home Value Before Selling It!

You can increase the value of your home before selling it if you do the following simple tricks. 

1. Paint, paint paint.

Painting the interior of your home is the simplest and most cost-effective way to transform your home by giving it a fresh look.  As per an article at OpenDoor, re-painting your home can potentially result in a 107% return on investment.  The right type of light coloured paint can make a smaller room appear larger than what it is, and vise versa. 

Easy Ways of Painting Bathroom Vanity [Before And After TIPS] - good house  idea

Take your time researching and selecting the right suitable colours, finishes and sheens for each room. The quality definitely comes with price, hence consider spending a few extra dollars for better results.  Keep in mind that you could also paint one room a specific colour that stands out in the home and in the potential buyers mind. 

How to Choose a Paint Color Palette | DIY: True Value Projects

Prioritize the kitchen, bathrooms, entryways and foyer as these places are usually the main focal points of the home.  Test different shades and explore how it looks with the amount of natural light that enters your home. We recommend spending money on professional painters as attention to detail is absolutely crucial in doing such a job. 

2. Change the Curb Appeal!

An easy way to make your home look more attractive and beautiful is by changing up the landscaping in front of your home and in the backyard.  You want to make sure that you make a good first impression to a potential buyer who sees your house from the streets.  If the exterior is not that appealing, it would definitely affect the first impression of a potential buyer.

It is important to identify how appealing the exterior of your home looks in comparison to your neighbours.  If their exteriors are well-maintained compared to yours, then you might have to step up your game.  If the existing curb appeal looks dull, then you should definitely put some time into maintaining it.  Cut the grass, trim the bushes, and clean up unnecessary dead plants.

If you don’t have experience nor enjoy gardening then invest your money into a professional landscaper to increase your home value.  Make the garden look clean, fertilize the grass to look greener and add pot lights.  Pot lights will not only look stunning, but will also make your home stand out in comparison to your neighbours.  Moreover, your home will not look dark during evening home showings. You may also want to re-paint your exterior if necessary.  A fresh coat of paint on your exterior doors and garage doors will definitely add a cleaner and elegant look.  

3. Decluttering the Home

One thing that requires ZERO cost is to declutter your home.  Whether you decide to do it before having professional real estate photos taken or before home showings, make sure everything around the home is organized and cleaned up.  

Less is more. The less stuff you have laying around the more appealing the space will look.  Don’t have unnecessary things laying around on sofas, tables or anywhere in your home, instead put the items away into drawers, closets organizers or if you don’t need it, recycle it.  Loose cords, papers, reading glasses, and other things make the space look messy. 

Sometimes decluttering your home involves rearranging your furniture to create more space. Decluttering can also involve cleaning up things in your home that you don’t need. Consider donating and recycling things you no longer need.  The ultimate goal for decluttering is to have less stuff than what the spaces in your home can store. 

If you follow these 3 simple steps, you will definitely be able to increase the value of your home when you are putting it on the market! 

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