How Mark Salerno & His Team Became – Top Real Estate Individual & Team in Vaughan During a Pandemic!

Who knew on New Years Eve that this new year, 2020 would be an absolute insane year?  

We heard about Covid-19 as in the beginning of 2020, but never thought that it would have such an enormous impact on the world.  The entire globe went into a lockdown, people lost their jobs, travelling got banned, and all the toilet paper supplies were gone from the stores!  The city looked completely dead and the world became a silent war-zone.  Safety necessities and medical materials became scarce, not to mention the shortage of medical staff and hospital supplies to support the increasing rate of infections.  

Did you ever in your wildest imagination think this would have ever happened to the world?

The Covid-19 pandemic will be an insane historical story that will be passed down to the next generations and will be discussed in every classroom for the years to come.  Basically, we did not predict that something like this would change our normal lives forever.  From being able to freely run errands, go out, boarding planes to being locked up in our homes, isolated from our extensive family and friends.  

Since March 13th, 2020, our office had been closed and everyone had been working from home.  That did not stop me, my team, or my support staff from working remotely from home, with 110% dedication to close deals. 

Stage 1 opened up in mid-May and we could finally take a more hands-on approach by taking the necessary precautions and safety measures.  As real estate is considered an essential service, we kept the business going by utilizing all resources we had.  The virtual 3D home tours became popular making it easier for potential buyers to view the home 360 degrees without actually being at the listed home physically.  This way we only dealt with serious buyers. 

Since the real estate market got affected with the global pandemic, our online inquiries for our real estate listening increased as well as the overall percentage of people viewing our virtual tours.  The competition reduced in the market as many realtors took a break from working, and the opportunity to easily negotiate more deals came to our advantage.  

Unlike our real estate team, during the time of uncertainty a lot of other realtors were hesitant to whether they should continue their work or take a break.  We on the other hand kept going strong.  During these difficult times, a lot of people were still looking to up-size or down-size their homes, hence they preferred trusting a professional team who were not giving up easily, but rather stayed strong and led the industry in a new direction. 

During a pandemic, people wanted to rely on a realtor and team that would take care of them  and make sure they are in good hands. Other realtors started seeing Mark Salerno as an example of a committed professional to real estate as he always seeks opportunities through adversities.  This worked in our advantage, at the end of April our brokerage had 23 listings and 5 exclusive listings.  

Team Salerno Realty Inc.
Lucas, Travis, Mark, Michael (missing Anthony & Joe)

Even though the times are tough, we managed to have an outstanding year business wise. The pandemic hit us all very suddenly, but that did not mean that people stopped looking to buy and sell properties, the demand and supply was still being met smoothly.  With the right “not-give-up” attitude and passion towards real estate, Mark Salerno and his team is now the number 1 Real Estate Team in Vaughan, Ontario from July up to now. This has been the best year for our team and all the credit goes to all the hard work, dedication and passion presented by Mark and our team.  Since the pandemic started in March, Mark Salerno’s brokerage has firmed up on over 90 listings.  Currently being in top 40 in Ontario, we are aiming to replace the first place in Ontario soon too! 

For Your Real Estate needs, call Salerno Realty Inc. My team and me will take good care of you and make sure we find you the home you need!
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