Practice the Right Mindset to Succeed in Business, Real Estate and Life!

Change your mindset and see how your life changes, easier said than done.  

Many of us get a temporary boost of energy when we read an inspiring quote online, but when the time comes to implementing these inspiring quotes into real life, we get lazy and make subconscious excuses.

You may have heard the saying “success is a journey and not an end destination” hence, you have to continuously put efforts every single day to keep winning.  At the same time, it is good to remember that it is OK to recharge your mind, body and soul occasionally because that is equally important as hard work.  I want to share some tips on how I work for my success in life, real estate and business every single day by having the right mindset. 

Growth Mindset versus Mixed Mindset and the power to change. - One with the  Water

Right Attitude

Firstly, having the right mindset is key. Having an “I can” and “I will” attitude can literally change how you tackle every day problems in your life.  I strongly believe that our thoughts are powerful as they reflect our moods and behaviours that affect our daily decisions and choices.

Keep Hustlin’

Don’t settle once you reach one milestone or goal, instead keep the hunger going to achieve more.  For example, year 2020, my team and I have been leading in real estate (as per MLS) in Vaughan, Ontario.  However, we know that this position can easily be replaced if we don’t continue to strive for success. Reaching this milestone is incredible!  But, my team of 5 and I will not stop there, we are working towards being number 1 in Ontario soon!

Feed Positivity

No matter how well you do professionally, there will always be others who are moving at the same speed as you, or maybe even faster.  The worst thing is to envy your competitors’ success, instead you should be focusing on your own targets and goals.  See other people’s growth in a  positive way, “if they can do it, so can you”! 

Keep Growing

I am always looking for opportunities to grow, personally and professionally.  You can only grow if you’re open to change as the world around you keeps changing. Technology and the market keep transforming, and there are always new innovations and ways of doing things different. If you adapt accordingly you will sustain in a saturated real estate industry and be on-top of your game. This mindset will definitely make you stronger as it is part of our human biology based on the concept of evolution, survival of the fittest. 

Accept Yourself As Right Now

This is probably the most important mindset to practice –  accept yourself as you are at this exact moment. Read it again. Postponing plans and goals to a future date is just another way to postpone responsibilities and hard work that you should be doing now.  It is an excuse to make you feel better that you have a plan, but in the back of your mind you know you won’t follow through.  The perfect time or moment will not come, you must create it right now.  You are not in control of what the future holds, but you are in control of this moment right now.  Instead of leaving work for the next month or the next year or even worse, to make it a new year’s resolution.  We all know that New Year resolutions never work because we leave important things to the future.  Don’t postpone things, do them right now as you are.

At times it can be challenging to break old routines and to try new strategies. Therefore always remember that “not taking a risk is a risk itself” so it is better to have an open attitude for new ideas and strategies that could benefit and sustain your business through various market fluctuations. 

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